Invisalign Essential Kit

Invisalign Essential Kit

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The Invisalign Essential Kit is a collection of the necessary accessory products to maintain your Invisalign Aligners or Vivera Retainers clean, clear and refreshed. Plus, two new Invisalign oral care accessories with the Invisalign whitening pen and Invisalign Aligner Seaters and lastly an Invisalign Travel Pouch. The Invisalign Essential Kit is exclusively available only at Walmart. The Invisalign Essential Kit provides a $22.48 savings from the collectively MSRP of the five products within the kit. The Invisalign Cleaning Foam and Invisalign Cleaning Spray are both are the fastest and easiest method to clean Invisalign aligners and Vivera retainers. The Invisalign Cleaning Foam is larger for at home use to aerate the cleaning solution. The Invisalign Cleaning Spray is small, compact, portable and easily fits in your pocket to clear aligners and retainers on the go. The Invisalign Whitening Pen is slim and portable to whitening your teeth on the go. The Invisalign Aligner Seaters are specifically designed to help properly seat aligners to assist and achieve a proper fit. The Invisalign Travel Pouch was designed to store and/or carry all the items within the Invisalign Essential Kit.
  • Invisalign Cleaning Foam - 55 ml is the quickest and easiest method to clean aligner, retainers, night-guards and mouth-guards.  Kills 99% of bacteria and clear is biofilm discoloration.  Plus, is infused with mint oil to refresh your aligner and retainers. 
  • Invisalign Cleaning Spray - 10 ml contains the same formulation as the cleaning foam, but in a smaller / portable form factor to  clean aligners and retainers on the go.  
  • Invisalign Whitening Pen - 2.0 ml contains a proprietary formulation that whiten teeth and protects against tooth sensitivity.  The Invisalign Whitening Pen is infused is safe to use up to four times per day and is infused with mint oil.
  • Invisalign Aligner Seaters - 2 pieces are design to help properly seat aligners and made of medical grade silicone
  • Invisalign Travel Pouch contains draw strings that can store or carry all the Invisalign Essential Kits items

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